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Grand Falls-Windsor woman calls for greater accountability in health-care system | The Central Voice

After years of battling a system she feels is set against her, Jocelyn Gedge is running out of options. “The problem is, basically, that there is absolutely nobody helping me with my situation,” she told The Central Voice. “There was no investigation done about what happened to me during the day of May 12, 2014, which was the day that basically ruined my life.” Gedge, who was working as a registered nurse for Central Health at the time, says she went to the Central Newfoundland Regional Health

Chantel John remembered as caring, kind, and generous daughter | The Central Voice

While other items of red clothing lining the road to Conne River after the turnoff from Highway 360 have been removed, the shirt with Chantel John’s name on it and an eagle feather will remain on the yield sign at the turn off. Toby John, Chantel John’s father, holds a talking stick they made together from a piece of beaver wood, one of many projects they took on over the years. Chantel John spent her first Christmas with her adoptive parents, Jennifer and Toby John, when she was nine. She cam

Students facing discrimination for being in GSA at Botwood Collegiate | The Central Voice

Students are pushing back against discrimination at Botwood Collegiate after posters for the newly formed GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) group at the school were torn down, sparking more significant incidents. “We were talking about something we could do to include everybody, not just us,” said one student who spoke with The Central Voice on condition of anonymity. “So we put up a poster that said something like, ‘everyone is welcome,’ and it had a rainbow on it, so everyone freaked out about it.”

Little Bay Islands still in limbo | The Central Voice

Little Bay Islands has no store, but residents are not completely out of luck when in need of a treat. Wharf-Mart (left), as it is affectionately called, stocks pop, candy bars, chips and ice cream. Customers leave their money in a bowl in the fridge. Little Bay Islands has no store, but residents are not completely out of luck when in need of a treat. Wharf-Mart (left), as it is affectionately called, stocks pop, candy bars, chips and ice cream. Customers leave their money in a bowl in the fri

Billy Ballard well-known in Grand Falls-Windsor for keeping the community clean | The Central Voice

If you spent any time at all in Grand Falls-Windsor in the last 30-odd years, the sight of Billy Ballard with his bike and cart is a familiar one. Famous locally for his work to keep the community clean, Ballard died peacefully Sept. 2 after a battle with pneumonia. He was 75. “Billy was a sweetheart. Very kind-hearted,” said his youngest sister, Debbie Butler. “When I was two or three years old, he used to cut wood with Dad, and he saved his money and bought me a wooden rocking chair.” That

INTERACTIVE: Manolis L cleanup almost underway in Notre Dame Bay | The Central Voice

HERRING NECK, N.L. - With 145 people, more than a dozen vessels and all kinds of cleanup equipment in place, crews were preparing Tuesday to start pumping the oil out of the Manolis L, which sank in Notre Dame Bay in 1985. “This is not a common occurrence for the Canadian Coast Guard,” Anne Miller, regional director of incident management for Coast Guard Atlantic, but more specifically, incident commander for this operation, said Tuesday, Aug. 7. “This is new, and it’s new in the salvage busin

SLIDESHOW: Miawpukek First Nation hosts 23rd annual Powwow | The Central Voice

Michelle Bennett was welcomed into the powwow family at the Miawpukek First Nations 23rd annual Powwow Saturday, July 7. Malaciah Taylor travelled all the way from Cherokee, North Carolina to participate in the Miawpukek First Nations 23rd annual Powwow last weekend. Bert One Breath Mitchell participated in the men’s traditional category at the Miawpukek First Nations 23rd annual Powwow July 7. Paul Pike of Corner Brook danced in the male traditional category at the Miawpukek First Nations 23

Judge finds town acted negligently in removal of derelict building in Embree | The Central Voice

EMBREE, N.L. – A justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador has ruled that while a contractor for the municipality was permitted to enter a property in Embree for the purposes of removing waste, the company was not allowed to demolish a structure on it at the same time. “I find, therefore, that the town’s entry for the demolition and removal of the smaller building was direct and (albeit mistaken), it must be characterized as negligent,” Justice Gillian D. Butler wrote in a decis

UPDATED: Owner of sawmill destroyed in fire near Grand Falls-Windsor suspects it was deliberately set | The Central Voice

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, N.L. – The owner of the sawmill that was destroyed in an early morning fire Thursday, May 31, says he believes the blaze was intentionally set. “It was deliberately caught,” John Shearing told the Advertiser Thursday afternoon. “What would catch it? I don’t smoke, there’s nothing there to spark, the engine is not burned, the engine is outside, the battery is outside. There’s nothing in the sawmill that’s electric…. I mean, it was caught deliberately.” The sawmill, about 15

Mother's Day: Always a mother | The Central Voice

Debbie Foss-Wells, an RN and clinical care facilitator with Central Health, is a member of the perinatal bereavement committee. She says the support from the community, including the church group that made dresses for babies lost in perinatal death out of wedding gowns, has been tremendous. - Sarah Ladik Individuals and church groups have made and donated sweaters, caps, and dresses for babies who die in the womb or shortly after being born. The dresses are made from donated wedding gowns. - Sa

Annual snowmobile event raises money for scholarship in memory of Nolan Smith | The Central Voice

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – This Saturday coming, dozens of snowmobilers will hit the trails in and around Grand Falls-Windsor. That alone is fairly typical as long as the weather holds, but this weekend is special. It marks the fourth annual Nolan Smith Memorial Ride, an event dedicated to a young man who lost his life to suicide in 2014. “He was always surrounding everyone else with joy,” event co-organizer Danielle Cole – whose brother was Nolan’s best friend – told the Advertiser. “He was

MP Scott Simms objects to wording of attestation required for organizations to receive federal funding | The Central Voice

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – For one local politician, last week’s furor over reproductive rights versus religious belief could have been avoided. Coast of Bays-Central-Notre Dame MP Scott Simms made national headlines last week when he opposed his own party and spoke against a new federal policy requiring organizations applying for federal funding for summer students to tick a box that says the “core mandate” of the job and the organization respects, among other things, women’s reproductive right

On the frontlines- Part II in a series about Lean and the Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital

In 2011, the Times-Herald ran a story about Saskatchewan’s health care system undergoing a massive change and shifting towards what was termed the “Lean system of management.” The idea was to make things simpler and more efficient for patients and staff, and to eventually save money as well. In 2015, the new Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital — whose design was informed by that Lean method — officially opened its doors. This is the second in a series of articles meant to take the pulse of the health care system in Moose Jaw, as well as the temperature of the people interacting with it.

Ultimate food truck

Like a lot of northerners, Mike Sharpe was fed up with sky-high food prices. Unlike most, he leveraged that frustration, channelling his anger into a unique business opportunity. This fall, Sharpe converted an old Edmonton city bus into Cash ’n’ Carry, the Northwest Territories’ first mobile grocery store. “I’ve seen these prices get to the point of being outrageous,” says the 41-year-old Inuvik native. “We can do better.” And he is. Sharpe, who, for the past five years, drove giant haul trucks
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